Luxury Chandeliers For Extravagant Interiors

Luxury Chandeliers For Extravagant Interiors


The best interior lighting is achieved by placing several smaller lighting bodies, but a big and lavish chandelier is not only a lighting body, it is a work of art and it will surely attract attention.

Because of their very important function, but also decorative role, lighting bodies are a must have element in a living space. A chandelier is a middle and dominant decoration, and it especially suits the trend of big lighting bodies that define the character of the whole interior.

A grand chandelier accents the simplicity of a minimalistic decorated interior, while in a space decorated by classic or rustic style, it easily becomes its centerpiece. In the last few years luxury chandeliers are coming back, as they draw attention with their richness and quality of manufacturing, but also their high prices.

Chandelier prices

chandelierThe cost of these chandeliers depends on the material it is made of, the manufacturer, the lighting it gives, as well as the size of the lighting body. Behind the attractive models big designer names usually stand. Usually those big designers find a way of artistic expression in chandeliers, and the companies guarantee an excellent product with their big name.

In the Orange County interior designing of lavish lighting the starting point are the classic models, great traditional values and qualities. New ideas are placed on top of them, assisted with new technologies that achieve original forms and shapes.

Murano Chandeliers

An especially attractive thing are lavish chandelier models made from Murano glass. Murano is an island in the Venice lagoon, where because of frequent fires the Venice of the old days predominantly built from wood, in 1291 all glaziers were forcefully settled. The island soon became the center of glass making in the Middle Age Europe.

Murano Chandeliers are built from blown glass of different colors – yellow, green and orange, red, white and black. The color also affects the price of the chandelier, so one in red with need a lot of money to be bought, because it has gold particles in it. The price is lifted by a special glass blowing technique, that has stayed a secret of the rare masters of Murano glass blowing.

For making glamorous chandeliers other exotic, but also modern materials like common Orange county glass, crystal and metal are used.

Chandeliers are offered in a lot of variants, colors and shapes, which offers the possibility of choosing a model that will decorate any given space the way you want it. Depending on whether you can see the light bulbs, some of the models are suitable for the ecologically aware and for the ones that think about rational energy spending. But, whoever is ready to spend a few hundred or thousand dollars on a chandelier is probably not thinking about rational energy spending.

To sum it up, chandeliers are beautiful art pieces that can light up a space (literally and figuratively) and make any room look like it belongs in a king’s castle. If you can afford one it will make your house a unique piece of art, fitted for a king.


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