Interior Door Decorating Ideas

Interior Door Decorating Ideas


door decorYou can decorate interior doors just as easily as you can exterior doors. Interior doors should reflect your personal tastes and match the interior design decor. Alternatively, you can modify everything with the seasons or special occasions. Interior doors can be used as extra display areas or organisational spaces. You should see your doors as additional wall spaces. This is the beginning of a good home design scheme. Here are great interior doors decoration tips.

Paint the doors on both sides to match the decor of the rest of thle room. The type of colour to paint the doors is determined by your creativity. However, solid colours that complement the Orange County interior design are recommended. Alternatively, create freehand or stencil murals to add an element of art to the door space.

Tape up your children’s favourite artwork. Use the door as display space for inspirational quotes and sayings, seasonal holiday cards and family photographs.

Create custom room signs as decoration for interior doors. Make a sign for each bedroom door. The signs should match the tastes of the rooms’ owners. In addition, create theme signs for bathroom doors and other special rooms in the house.

Install decorative hooks for hanging seasonal wreaths and other forms of decorations such as wind chimes, bells or collection of beads. Such decorations make nice sounds whenever someone comes through the door and add an element of beauty and charm to the room.

Hang up note boards on everyone’s rooms to draft small messages around the house. Try painting custom pegboards. Alternatively, use whiteboards that match the room’s interior design scheme. You can also purchase a magnetised note board to display theme magnets and other decorative items.

You can decorate interior doors using other organisational items like clear plastic shoes, containers, baskets and mail holders among others. Display rocks, sea glass, seashells and shoes in clear plastic shoe holders. These items provide space for storage and add visual interest.

Install new decorative door knobs and hinges to add visual interest. The new doorknobs and hinges should have decorations that match those in other doors in the interior space.

Types of Interior Door Decorations


These are some of the most popular door decorations. You can purchase pre made wreaths or make one on your own using leaves and twigs from your backyard. You can decorate the wreaths for different occasions by adding ribbons and bows. Add colour variety and floral to the wreath using artificial flowers attached with wires. Over-the-door wreath hangers will allow you to hang wreaths on to doors without using nails on them.


Paint a different colour on the door. Use different colour accents for doors with panelling or trim. This will create a multi-toned look. Add decorative motifs within the door segments using stencils. Scroll patterns and fleur de lis make good decorative motifs. If you want your door to have an antiquated look, wipe it with stain or glaze. Colored Orange County glass doors are also great.


Decorative signs hanging over doors serve as artistic pieces that usher people into the room. The sign could be a short message, your last name, address, or a whimsical saying about an upcoming holiday. The greatest advantage of signs is that they are easy to change and can be used all year round.

Door Knockers & Bells

There are many varieties of doorknockers in antique malls and garden stores in the UK This means homeowners who want to decorate their interior doors with knockers and bells are spoilt for choice. They can choose the simple or elaborate ones in different shapes and sizes. Bells attached to ribbons are great interior door decorations. They are also functional because they serve to let you know someone is waiting outside the door.

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